Profile #3 -- All Content

  • high need to deliver specific content
  • may be sites which are the only source of certain content for an audience, or sites for which the primary audience already has an external source of motivation

    1 use the simplest and most direct layout possible

    2 use the simplest and most direct structure possible by representing most content high in the hierarchy

    3 consider every graphic critically for its information value

  • Yahoo! (LOCAL)
  • Eric W. Weisstein's Home Page (LOCAL)
  • Jakob Nielson's Home Page (LOCAL)
  • The Geometry Junkyard (LOCAL)

  • guidelines for this profile are mainly restrictive -- they recommend deliberately not taking advantage of a wide range of visual elements, and using elements in as few ways as possible

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AMTEC 1997 Conference, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada
Elizabeth Boling, Barbara Bichelmeyer, Kurt Squire, Sonny Kirkley
Indiana University
Last updated 1 June 1997