Profile #5 -- High Content

  • need to deliver specific content outweighs the need to motivate a particular response from users
  • may be informational sites for organizations that need to project or establish a credible presence on the Web; universities, government agencies, corporate intranets

    1 use graphics to create a visual identity, and sustain that identity throughout the site

    2 use a consistent layout for every page and respect standard conventions for simple grid-based page design

    3 reduce "visual noise" by keeping the number of non-identity graphics small and the number of different text treatments few

  • First Monday: The Peer-Reviewed Journal on the Internet (LOCAL)
  • The Indiana University - Bloomington Web site (LOCAL)
  • Interface Research and Interest Group site (LOCAL)
  • National Biological Survey (LOCAL)

  • guidelines for this profile emphasize the appropriate visual treatment of asymetrical goals

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AMTEC 1997 Conference, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada
Elizabeth Boling, Barbara Bichelmeyer, Kurt Squire, Sonny Kirkley
Indiana University
Last updated 1 June 1997