Profile #6 -- Mixed Elements
Profile #7 -- Great Expectations

  • in both these profiles the need to deliver specific content and the need to motivate users to a specific response are highly interdependent and interrelated
  • some representatives of these profiles are commercial catalog sites, sites devoted to charitable or political causes, high-interaction educational sites, and sites for which the audience expectations are known to be quite demanding
  • the Great Expectations profile applies to Mixed Elements sites in which the stakes are especially high for an organization's success on the Web, or in which the sponsoring organization for the site is very high profile

    1 use graphics to create a visual identity and sustain it throughout the site

    2 make sure that the images used to establish identity convey an appropriate message about the organization and the site: choose media models that match the identity wanted for the site

    3 establish different treatments for the "content heavy" and "motivation heavy" portions of the pages and/or the site

  • ThinkShop site (LOCAL)
  • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Web site (LOCAL)
  • The Prince and I, National Film Board of Canada

  • guidelines for this profile represent a synthesis of some guidelines from other profiles in an effort to balance visual design between equally important goals

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AMTEC 1997 Conference, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada
Elizabeth Boling, Barbara Bichelmeyer, Kurt Squire, Sonny Kirkley
Indiana University
Last updated 1 June 1997