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Designers  need to recognize and respect the cues that users give us when they express their hypermedia experiences in the language of physical navigation -- they experience the use of these products as a kind of motion through space. People move through space in ways that are known (at least partially), so we can use that knowledge to help us design.
People find their way in space (wayfinding) differently, and they exhibit these same wayfinding behaviors when they use hypermedia.
People interact with media as if the media itself were other people. Your design decisions need to take this phenomenon into account.
Structures & Interactions
Navigation is concerned with the connections between the different displays that are available in a hypermedia system or product. Designers can think of the overall arrangement of these connections as structures. The design of your navigation structure is not just a matter of mechanics, but of emotion and interpersonal dialogue.
Problems & Designing
Avoid a few common problems in navigation design and you will enhance your chance of creating a usable product. Use an appropriate design process so that you know what navigation structure you are using and how you will represent that structure to those using your product.


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Elizabeth Boling
18 March 2000