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Instructional Illustrations & Graphical Devices: Designer’s Intentions & Readers’ Interpretations
... Elizabeth Boling, Kennon Smith, Theodore Frick, Indiana University; Malinda Eccarius, University of Nebraska Lincoln
Design Cultures
... a series of short articles describing the cultures of learning and/or working in various design cultures and intended to help instructional designers consider how their field might be adjusted to prepare designers of instruction more effectively. Published in the Short Papers section of the IDT Record.
  2001 Technology and Visual Designers: How Must We Respond to the Changes?
... keynote address to International Conference on Technology and the Arts (Chinese language site), Department of Information Communication (English language site), Yuan Ze University, Taiwan, October 13, 2001.
  2001 Public Signage Created by Non-Professional Designers
... short semiotic analysis and reflexion on two instances of public signage, written for P550 Cognition and Semiotics taught by Dr. Donald Cunningham, Indiana University, Fall 2001.
  2001 Navigation
... article introducing basic navigation concepts for interaction.
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