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User-Centered Design Omnigraffle Stencils (on the UITS Usability Consulting Services resources page)
... these two Omnigraffle stencils were created to help communicate user-centered design activities and deliverables to clients and development teams. Both stencils were co-designed by Todd Zazelenchuk and Elizabeth Boling from Indiana University. Omnigraffle is a Mac OSX application designed to support easy development of diagrams and concept maps.

Design Cultures
... a series of short articles describing the cultures of learning and/or working in various design cultures and intended to help instructional designers consider how their field might be adjusted to prepare designers of instruction more effectively. Published in the Short Papers section of the IDT Record.
Instructional Illustrations Collection
... right now this link requires a login and is only open to individuals who have been asked to help build the collection. We expect to post an open link for those who want to view the collection or contribute to it sometime in 2004.
Interview with Elizabeth Boling
... conducted by Amy Satran of Ignition, Inc. for the Journal of Design Science (no longer available). Thanks to Amy Satran and Ray Kristoff for allowing me to post this interview directly on IIRG.
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