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Instructional Illustrations Collection
... currently accessible to individuals who have been invited to help build a collection of instructional illustrations, this link contains illustration examples and details about on-going collection efforts. We hope to open this collection to the public in 2004.

  2001 Perceived Meanings Relative to Intended Meanings of Commonly Used Graphical Elements in Instructional Illustrations
... preliminary findings from an ongoing research project, presented at the 2nd Annual ISt Conference at Indiana University, Bloomington, March 22, 2001. Co-presenters were Malinda Eccarius, Ted Frick, Feng-Ru Sheu, Joseph Defazio, Rodrigo del Valle.
Annotated References of Interest for Visual Thinking and Visual Skills for Information Design / Instructional Design
... diverse list of resources for many aspects of visual design. The list serves as a resource for students in R685 Writing and Visual Skills for Instructional Designers, Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University, Bloomington. The list is annotated with brief descriptions of each reference. This list is updated periodically when the course is in session (last update: 31 January, 1999). The indicators of IU Library holdings/personal holdings may or may not be useful for you!
Selected Bibliography of Empirical Research and Theory Related to Symbol/Signs for Human-Computer Interaction
... short list of references for symbol/sign research. These items are primarily concerned with the visual form of symbol/signs, and with determining optimal forms

Icon & Interface Design Studies
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201 N. Rose Avenue
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Bloomington, Indiana

  1995 Mixed Modality and Single Modality Icons
... brief summary of studies comparing mixed modality and single modality icons.

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