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For more than a century, the IMH has published voices from the past: diaries, letters, and other historical documents. On this site, we offer some of these documents adapted into a series of original lesson plans (plus other photographic and written sources), geared both for the primary- and the secondary-school classroom. These lessons examine Indiana events, experiences, and personalities through a variety of activities.
We would like your input about their content, design, and usefulness. Please contact us to submit your comments or suggestions.

How to Use "The IMH for Teachers"

The lesson plans are divided by historical period and grade level. To find a lesson that's useful for your class, first click on any of the six historical periods listed below. You will then find a list of lessons available for that period. The list indicates which lessons are designed for primary, and which for secondary, classrooms. Click on any one of these lesson plans to find:

  1. A historical summary to help you prepare your class
  2. The lesson plan in HTML format for easy browsing. Lesson plans include a list of learning objectives; instructions; all your necessary texts, work sheets, illustrations, etc; and a list of applicable state teaching standards.
  3. Links to other sources and illustrations, or to the complete, original document, for those teachers or students who desire further information on the topic.
  4. PDF and/or MS Word copies of lesson plans for convenient downloading and printing.


Please enter the site according to the period of history that interests you: