Individualized Major Programs Conference

For the last four decades many U.S. universities have offered undergraduate students the opportunity to design their own "individualized majors." Some universities have well-developed individualized major programs; others offer a degree option to students on an ad hoc basis. Since 2009, this annual conference has assembled individualized major faculty, advisors, and administrators to consider the lessons to be learned across the range of individualized major practices.

The first four conferences were held at Indiana University. Since 2013, the conference has rotated among different locations.

Upcoming Conference

For information about the 2014 conference, please contact Dr. Kevin Egan of Drexel University at or (215) 895-0457.

Past Conferences Hosted at Indiana University

2012: Fourth Annual Individualized Major Programs Conference

2011: Ensuring and Assessing Individualized Student Success

2010: Assessment of Effective Learning and Best Practices

2009: Best Practices and Besetting Challenges

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