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IMP students are responsible for keeping in close contact with their faculty sponsors, even during semesters when they are not working with their sponsors on an independent study or final project. In addition, IMP students are encouraged to meet on a regular basis with the IMP assistant director, especially when they have questions regarding College requirements or university procedures. Academic advising reports (AARs) are available at the IMP office or online through OneStart.

Monitoring your academic progress

It is your responsibility to be familiar with your OneStart Academic Advisement Report (AAR). For accuracy, the assistant director will program all courses either completed or in progress at the time of your admission. At your mid-program assessment, you are required to present an updated list of major courses (again, indicating courses completed or in progress) and a course change form discussing the rationale for any changes. An additional course change form is required when you apply for graduation.

Applying for graduation

Students must apply for graduation via the College Recorder's office. At that time, the IMP assistant director will perform a senior check of your academic progress. Because the senior check is an opportunity for the assistant director to spot deficiencies and alert you while time remains to adjust your schedule, itís in your interest to observe the Collegeís deadlines:

  • May Graduation: June 1 of the previous year
  • August Graduation: December 1 of the previous year
  • December Graduation: March 1

Making sure the IMP assistant director has your latest major course list helps ensure that your AAR accurately reflects your progress toward graduation.