IMP graduation ceremony

Upcoming Commencement Ceremonies

December 2014

Indiana University Commencement
Saturday, December 20, 2014
10 a.m.
Assembly Hall

IMP Graduation Event
To be determined; graduating students will be informed via e-mail.

May 2015

IMP Graduation Ceremony
To be determined; graduating students will be informed via e-mail.

Indiana University Commencement
Saturday, May 9, 2015
10 a.m.
Memorial Stadium

IU Commencement: general information

Caps and gowns

For more information about the IMP ceremony, please contact us.

Photo by Ric Cradick


Applying to Graduate

Students must apply for graduation via the College Recorder's office. This should be done several months before the intended graduation date. Students who have made changes to their major course lists should submit a Course Change Form to the IMP office at this time.

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Commencement Ceremonies

Indiana University holds official Commencement ceremonies in May and December. For more information, see the IU Commencement Web site.

In addition, the IMP holds its own graduation ceremonies on Commencement day. The IMP ceremony does not conflict with the campuswide ceremony, so students may choose to attend both. Information about the IMP ceremony will be distributed to graduating students and IMP faculty members via e-mail.

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Graduating with Honors

Graduating IMP students are eligible for various honors and awards. See Awards & Honors for more information.

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