Mid-Program Assessments

Because success in the IMP depends on students' own initiative as well as on the quality of their relationships with their sponsor(s), and because the direction of a student's major may change over time, the IMP requires that each student participate in a mid-program assessment. The assessment is an opportunity for the student, his or her sponsor(s), the chair of his or her admission committee, and a member of the IMP staff to discuss the student's progress and future plans.

The meeting is arranged by the IMP office approximately halfway through the student's IMP career. (The expected semester and year of each student's mid-program assessment is specified in his or her admission letter.)

During the meeting, which generally lasts for 30 minutes, the student verifies the satisfaction of the requirements contained in the admission letter, and generally updates the committee chair on his or her progress. Also at this time, the student is required to submit a formal final project proposal for discussion during the meeting and to present an updated course list indicating progress in completing the courses for the major and supplying a rationale for any changes.