Finding a Sponsor

Faculty sponsors offer students expert advice on the content of their majors and overall support in the completion of their degrees. Itís important that your sponsor know your subject, but itís equally important that your sponsor know you.

Students in the IMP are required to have one faculty sponsor. In some cases, the interdisciplinary orientation of the major might call for co-sponsors with expertise in complementary fields. At least one of each student's sponsors must be a full-time faculty member in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Prospective IMP students must secure the written consent of at least one faculty sponsor before entering into the formal application process. Students work closely with their sponsor(s) to prepare the application materials and confer regularly throughout their program of study.

Finding a sponsor can be difficult for some students, especially those who have not been on campus long and are not acquainted with many faculty members. The most common way to enlist a sponsor is to approach a faculty member whose expertise is in your area of interest and with whom you are studying or have already studied. Faculty profiles on departmental Web sites, the sponsor directory on this site, and the IMP staff can also be helpful in identifying potential faculty sponsors.

You should plan to contact several prospective sponsors to discuss the IMP and your proposed program of study. Keep in mind that your success in persuading faculty members to take an interest in your program can depend on a variety of factors, including their current workload and predisposition toward working individually with students. Therefore, do not be deterred if a faculty member declines the opportunity to serve as your sponsor. You may have to knock on several doors before you succeed.

If your potential sponsor has questions about what a sponsor's role entails, please encourage him or her to visit our Being a Sponsor page or to contact the IMP office.