Program Overview

If you are a highly motivated, independent student and you canít find a major that suits your particular needs, then the Individualized Major Program might be right for you. In the IMP you can shape your own major, select courses from among IUís many schools and departments, design independent-study courses, undertake a challenging and important final project of your own creation, and do it all while completing requirements for a bachelor of arts degree from the College of Arts and Sciences. Youíll have input from one or more faculty sponsors and committee members, as well as the IMP administration and staff, but what makes the IMP special is that it puts you in charge of your own education.

Many students who apply to the IMP do so during their sophomore or junior years, although you may be ready to apply as early as the second semester of your freshman year. You should start by meeting with the IMP assistant director to discuss your ideas, identifying one or two faculty members to serve as sponsors and securing their cooperation, designing your curriculum, and participating in an admission interview scheduled by the IMP office.

Once youíre accepted into the program, youíll take courses and complete tutorials for the major and fulfill requirements for the BA degree. Along the way, you can take advantage of internships, overseas study options, and financial aid in the form of grants. The IMP culminates with a final project, final project review, and ultimately graduation.

Our graduates go on to successful careers in the professions, the arts, academia, and a variety of business fields. Many also continue their educations in graduate or professional school. But whether you plan to enter the working world or continue your studies, a successful experience in the IMP will prove to be an asset in your future. It will set you apart as an independent thinker with initiative, creative interests, and motivation.

Interested? Read about the IMP admission process or contact us for more information.