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Student Activities Office

The Indiana Memorial Union is proud to be the home of the Student Activities Office. The Student Activities Office provides IU students with an array of opportunities for involvement on campus.
Find out more about the Student Activities Office.

Staff & Building Directory

IMU Building Map

Department / Name E-mail Phone / Fax
900 Hair Design   855-2633
Activities & Events    
Mara Dahlgren, Asst Director mdahlgre 855-6366

Angel Flowers, Program Advisor

ahflower 855-6367
Jennifer Parks, Office Services Assistant jparks 855-3606
Missy Godsey,Acct & Financial Support Specialist mgodsey 855-1765
Administrative Services (Business Office)    
Anita Douglas, Asst Director ajdougla 855-1423
Rosanne Emerick, Business Manager rdye 855-6914
Mary Beth Godsey, Accounts Payable mbgodsey 855-7266
Neil Graf, Accounting Clerk negraf 855-5076
Vickie Graves, Accounts Receivable vgraves 855-4386
Kristie Wellman kbonney 855-7267
Nicholas Mitchell nsmitche 855-1200
Bowling and Billiards 855-2328
Ryan S. Clemons, Manager rsclemon 855-1221
Jamal Cooper, Evening Supervisor jammcoop 855-1057
Bakery Kitchen 855-0657
Ashley Baughman ashbaugh
Baja Fresh   856-2038
Break Room   855-9180
Building Manager   
Emily Reynolds
Burger King Office 855-2065
Cash Office
Sandi Robertson sbyoung 855-5078
Circle Cafe
Chris Gray, General Manger chrigray 855-0513
Bari Kuhlman, Interim Catering Manager / Weddings bkuhlman 855-8855
Holly Hudson, Business Office hparient 855-0045
Amanda Abrams, Dining Manager
Kerry Fuentes, Reservations 855-1777
Dunn Meadow Cafe   855-2865
Director's Office  
Hank Walter, Executive Director   855-3562
Mike Campbell, Associate Director  campbmic 855-3562
Pam Potter, Administrative Assistant  pmpotter 855-3562
Facility Services  
Gary Chrzastowski, Assistant Director  gchrzast 855-6699
Jack Kannady, Facilities Manager jkannady 855-2588
Leslie Prince, Secretary lkprince 855-7022
Fred Webb  fwebb 855-1083
Federal Room Lounge   855-0746
Federal Room Kitchen   855-7036
Frangipani Kitchen   855-0716
Freshens   855-1375
Meagan Need, Hotel Manager   855-5147
Jodi Figg, Reservations Manager  jfigg 855-2536
Front Office Manager 855-1636
Donna Brown, Manager  dombrown 855-7136
Jeff Poling, Supervisor  polingj 855-3990
IMU Main Operator    856-6381
IT Support   
Vickie Graves   vgraves 855-4386
Neal Heidler  nheidler 856-1586
Main Kitchen Office    855-2570
Tom Berinati  tberinat
Richard Deckard  rildecka
Main Kitchen   855-1856
The Market    855-1533
Marketing & Communications    
Cheryl Crouch, Assistant Director  crouchcm 855-1998
Damen Morris, Manager  djmorris 855-3945
Meeting Support  
Hollie Lutz, Assistant Director  hlutz 855-2383
Allison Sparks, Sales Manager  allnwill 855-1808
Outdoor Adventures    
Brian Croft, Coordinator bjcroft 855-1795
Nicci Brown, Asst. Coordinator Operations brownnc 856-4092
Tyler Kivland, Asst. Coordinator Operations tkivland 855-9883
Security   856-6381
Set-ups    855-2466
Solarium Kitchen   855-0713
Starbucks 856-2093
Jordan Hawkins jormhawk 855-2748
Dining Storeroom
Randy Brown brown284 855-2749
Student Life & Learning 855-4311
Sugar & Spice 855-8810
Sycamore Corner    856-5447
Tudor Room   855-1620
Tracy Wright wright46 855-9866
UITS 855-6789
Union Board Office   855-4682
University Club  855-1325
UPS Store   856-9070
IMU Fax Numbers  
Administrative Services   855-5724
Director's Office 855-5653
Facility Services   855-7023
Hotel Operator   856-6381
Marketing & Communications   855-5724
Campus & City Contacts  
Bloomington Police Dept.    339-4477
Bloomington Shuttle Service   332-6004
Bus Service-Campus   855-8384
Bus Service-City   332-5688
Campus Card Services   855-1711
Campus Mail Services 855-3503
Campus Operator    855-4848
Financial Management Services 855-0375
IU Bookstore   855-4352
IU Health Center 855-4011
IU Police Department 855-4111
IUSA Safety Escort 855-7233
Motorist Assistance 855-9849
Parking Enforcement 855-9848
Parking Operations  855-9848
University Human Resources 855-2172
Vistors Bureau 334-8900

News & Events rss icon

The Conjuring 2
September 29, 2016
8:00 PM
Location: Whittenberger Auditorium

IMU Late Nite
September 30, 2016
9:00 PM
Location: Indiana Memorial Union

IUOA Fall Break Trips
October 06, 2016

Halloween Party
October 28, 2016
Location: Bowling & Billiards

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Services and Activities

IU-outdoor advenure
Back alley
Bowling & Billiards
IMU dinning
IMU Dining
Biddle hotel
Biddle Hotel
Hair Salon
900 Hair Design
Union board
Union Board
IMU Catering
Group and event services
Group Services