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Sun 11/22: Thanksgiving Break - Closed
Mon 11/23: Thanksgiving Break - Closed
Tue 11/24: Thanksgiving Break - Closed
Wed 11/25: Thanksgiving Break - Closed
Thu 11/26: Thanksgiving Break - Closed
Fri 11/27: Thanksgiving Break - Closed
Sat 11/28: Thanksgiving Break - Closed

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IU Outdoor Adventures Thanksgiving Break Adventure
November 21, 2015

Thanksgiving Break
November 21, 2015

UB Film Straight Outta Compton
December 04, 2015
Location: Whittenberger Auditorium

IMU Late Nite
December 04, 2015
10:00 PM
Location: IMU Commons

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Hands-on Experience

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SPH-W Courses

SPH-W Courses


Become an IUOA Trip Leader
IUOA's highly trained leadership team includes approximately 75 student and non-student trip leaders. The commonly required first step for students to become IUOA trip leaders is to complete SPH-W305 Introduction to Wilderness Leadership, a two-credit course. This eight-week course is offered twice in the fall semester and twice in the spring semester. Students typically apply to become trip leaders at the conclusion of this important foundational course. Enrollment in this course may be exempted for interested students or non-students with extensive prior experience in outdoor leadership. Contact Brian Croft ( with any questions.
ITWL Course Description 

This course introduces students to the Wilderness Education Association (WEA) Curriculum and each week focuses on one to two WEA curriculum topics. This eight-week course is designed to introduce principles and practices in planning, implementing, leading, supervising, and evaluating outdoor trips and programs. The course emphasizes wilderness leadership techniques, teaching techniques, and programming. Students study leadership theory and administration of outdoor programs while planning and participating in 2 weekend backcountry trips (referred to as Field Experiences or FE1 and FE2). In addition to the classroom sessions, students receive practical evaluation of outdoor, human, and educational skills related to group outdoor living and instruction during the classroom sessions and during the two weekend Field Experiences (FE1 & FE2). As part of course requirements, each student will assist with the planning and implementation of FE2. 

Past leadership and outdoor experience is suggested, but not required.

ITWL Fall I 2011

An ITWL course on Field Experience #1 learning to navigate in the Deam Wilderness.