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Interactive Map
Plato Christian Thomasius Thomas Aquinas (St.) Jean-Marc Gaspard Itard
Blaise Pascal St. Augustine Of Hippo Immanuel Kant Thomas Hobbes
Aristotle Adam Smith Juan Huarte (y Navarro) Jean Etienne Esquirol
Jean-Martin Charcot Charles Darwin Francis Galton
William James Wilhelm Wundt
Hermann Ebbinghaus Granville Stanley Hall James McKeen Cattell Clark Wissler
Alfred Binet Lewis Madison Terman Henry Herbert Goddard Edward Bradford Titchener Charles Spearman
Edward L. Thorndike
William Stern
Catharine Cox Miles
Harry Levi Hollingworth Karl Pearson
Leta Stetter Hollingworth
Theodore Simon Florence Goodenough
Robert Mearns Yerkes William McDougall
Jean Piaget Lev Semyonovich Vygotsky Walter V. Bingham
David Wechsler
J.P. Guilford
Cyril L. Burt
Barbel Inhelder L.L. Thurstone Anne Anastasi
Philip E. Vernon
J. McVicker Hunt
Calvin W. Taylor
H. J. Eysenck
Joseph S. Renzulli
Robert J. Sternberg Howard Gardner Leon J. Kamin Arthur Jensen
Raymond B. Cattell
Dean Keith Simonton Leon J. Kamin

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To learn more about an individual and their contributions to the study of intelligence, click on his or her name.

Fair treatment of this topic necessitates a complex figure. As such, placements are by the year of each person's primary or seminal contribution/s to intelligence theory or testing.

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