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The Department of International Studies prepares you for the increasingly complex and interconnected world of the 21st century. Whether you are passionate about human rights, media, education, the environment, or public health, when you pursue an International Studies degree at IU you will learn how to analyze these global issues through a multidisciplinary context and acquire the skills required of tomorrow’s global leaders. Additionally, you will develop deep knowledge of at least one region outside the US, and fluency in another language. An integral part of the School of Global and International Studies, the department offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees as well as graduate degrees. Our students go on to meaningful careers in government, NGOs, corporations, foundations, media outlets, and policy institutes; but most importantly, emerge from our department as ethical citizens of the world.

Recent Publications by International Studies Faculty

On Islam: Muslims and the Media is edited by Hilary Kahn and Rosemary Pennington. Publisher’s Weekly writes, “Though slim, this book goes a long way in combating Islamophobia and exposing how media representations often exacerbate the ignorant fear of Islam and Muslims.”


In Paying for Climate Change, Stephen Macekura argues counter intuitively that the Trump Administration’s climate policy is not that different from his predecessors' in one crucial respect: an ongoing refusal to provide financial aid to help poorer countries contend with climate change. His article appears on Bunk, a new history website featuring insight into contemporary issues.


In November, Professor Padraic Kenney published Dance in Chains:Political Imprisonment in the Modern World, "the first book to trace the history of modern political imprisonment from its origins in the mid-nineteenth century."



From Selma to Moscow: How Human Rights Activists Transformed U.S. Foreign Policy
Thursday, March 22nd, 4:30 PM
Psychology Building, Room 101

Sarah B Snyder, Associate Professor of History at the School of International Service, will be presenting her talk on Thursday, March 22nd in the Psychology Building. Details of her work are available on her website.