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Letter from Chair

William Rasch, ChairWelcome to International Studies at Indiana University!

Who are we?

A student in our department is interested in problems and phenomena that span the world. You might be concerned about health crises and epidemics, or fascinated by cross-national trends in music and the arts. You might be aiming for a career in diplomacy or want to advocate for human rights and environmental protection. You follow the news regularly, and care about world events. Perhaps you want to understand better the economic and humanitarian crises, and the military conflicts, that we see around us. If you haven’t traveled abroad yet, you can’t wait to put your language training to use, immersing yourself in another culture. You are ambitious and welcome an intellectual challenge.

In the Department of International Studies, you can pursue these passions, as an undergraduate major, a graduate student in one of our new Masters programs, or just taking a few classes. We share a commitment to global matters and international trends, and approach them from many angles, beyond any one discipline. Among our faculty are anthropologists, historians, political scientists, scholars of literature and culture, sociologists, and geographers. We have worked and researched in dozens of countries on every continent. The courses we teach will give you the skills and knowledge to tackle the issues that interest you the most.

As a graduate of International Studies, you will be equipped to pursue a career in the world, whether you work close to home or overseas. Our graduates work in government, in non-governmental organizations, in law, business, and academia.

This fall, we have a new home, along with the rest of the School of Global and International Studies, in a beautiful new building. Come visit! I look forward to meeting you.

Padraic Kenney, Chair