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Mission Statement

The Department of International Studies is dedicated to educating students to be at home in the world of the 21st century. This is a world both familiar and exceedingly strange. Modern media give us access to images, music, and language from all parts of the globe, but with such massive and conflicting information there comes an ever increasing need for intensive theoretical, historical, and practical training. Departmental degrees investigate global structures (cultural, economic, environmental, health, legal, and political) that promise, with varying degrees of success, to serve as common bases for worldwide human interaction. Yet we also emphasize the particularity of place and identity: territorial states and their boundaries, national and ethnic loyalties, religious conviction, systemic economic disparities, health and environmental challenges, gender identities, and the persistent use of political violence to resolve disputes. Through interdisciplinary instruction, language training, overseas education, and internship opportunities, we prepare students for occupations in both the public and private sectors: governmental agencies and NGOs, philanthropic organizations and multi-national corporations, public relations and cultural events management. Above all, we encourage our students to be thoughtful, reflective citizens of their various communities and – despite the multitude of temptations – ethical participants in the global life that awaits them.