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Careers in International Studies

An education in international studies can open an array of different career paths for students. These paths include government service, international organizations, the non-profit sector, business, health, and international education. In all these areas, employers value the knowledge, perspective, and language training that comes with a background in international studies.

SGIS has several career advisors dedicated to helping students identify and pursue career opportunities. SGIS faculty, who have a broad array of professional contacts and connections, also serve as important resources for students.

For general resources on careers in international affairs, please consult the following resources:

Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs, Guide to Careers in International Affairs

Kocher, Eric, International Jobs: Where They Are and How to Get Them. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company.

Learn more about career opportunities in specific areas below:

International and Regional Organizations

International Business

Nonprofits and Civil Society


Media and Culture

International Law