Indiana University Bloomington
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Core Faculty

Keera AllendorfKeera Allendorf
Assistant Professor
Demography; family; health; development; gender, South Asia; mixed methods
Gardner BovingdonGardner Bovingdon
Associate Professor
Politics in contemporary Xinjiang; history of modern Xinjiang; historiography in China; nationalism and ethnic conflict
Purnima BosePurnima Bose
Associate Professor
Post-colonial studies, British colonialism; links between Irish and Indian feminists and nationalists in the first half of the 20th century; globalization, the role of corporations in public life, and anti-globalization resistance
Nick CullatherNick Cullather
Diplomatic history; modernization theory; U.S.-Asian relations; intelligence
Stephanie DeBoerStephanie DeBoer
Associate Professor
Global media studies; Japanese and Chinese language film and media; inter-Asia cultural studies; memory and media; critical approaches to digital media in the context of globalization
Elizabeth Dunn

Elizabeth Dunn
Associate Professor

Economic transformation and regulation in Poland; humanitarian aid; ethnic conflict; state formation; refugee studies; Georgia
Hamid EkbiaHamid Ekbia
Associate Professor

Drones and other military technologies; global political economy; Iran and the Middle East; social informatics; artificial intelligence

Margaret GravesMargaret Graves
Assistant Professor
Medieval Islamic visual culture; nineteenth-century Islamic arts; the image of architecture in paintings, sculpture and applied arts; orientalism; historiography; the master-narrative(s) of Islamic art
Shane GreeneShane Greene
Associate Professor
Social theory; social movements; race; urban subcultures; music and society; indigenous and afro-descendent rights; political ecology in Peru and in Amazonia/Andes
Nur Amali IbrahimNur Amali Ibrahim
Assistant Professor
Contests over proper interpretations of Islamic scriptures in Indonesia; religious socialization; politics of student activism
Hilary KahnHilary Kahn
Senior Lecturer
Director, Center for the Study of Global Change
Visual ethnography; critical global studies; social theory and analysis; global teaching and learning; identity; internationalization of higher education; Central America; the Caribbean
Olga KalentzidouOlga Kalentzidou
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ethnicity; nationalism; food and memory; identity; immigration; material culture; internationalization; pedagogy; Greece and the Balkans
Stephanie KaneStephanie Kane
Water: political ecology/cultural politics, infrastructure, decision making and disaster, social and environmental justice; multi-sited ethnographic fieldwork in Latin America, Asia, Europe and North America; writing creative non-fiction
Padraic KenneyPadraic Kenney
Social experience of [political repression and political change; history of Poland; Eastern European history; the world in 1989; political prisoners in the modern world
Nicole Kousaleos
Medical anthropology; feminist theory; globalization; advertising, and body image; post-colonial theory; performance studies; community studies; narrative analysis
Michael MuehlenbeinMichael Muehlenbein
Associate Professor
Physiological adaptations to infectious diseases; ecological immunology; emerging infectious diseases; ecotourism; behavioral endocrinology. He conducts most of his research in Borneo
Peter NemesPeter Nemes
Hungarian and comparative Literature; interdisciplinary studies in landscape aesthetics; teaching pedagogy
Philip ParnellPhilip Parnell
Associate Professor
Law and crime in society and culture; cross-cultural studies; law, crime and social change; disputing; the state; violence
William RaschWilliam Rasch
Professor and Chair
German philosophical and intellectual tradition, especially the areas of social and political theory; German film and literature in their historical and political contexts; moral, legal, political approaches to war
Ron SelaRon Sela
Associate Professor
History of Muslim peoples in Central Asia; political and cultural self-representation in the Islamic world
Ron SelaJessica Steinberg
Assistant Professor
Natural Resource Management; Ungoverned Spaces; Local Institutions; Congo-Brazzaville, Zambia, DRC, and Mozambique