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Requirements for Major » Capstone Seminar

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All International Studies majors will complete a senior capstone course where they conduct a research project that integrates their thematic and regional interests, along with drawing from the international experience and language background. The INTL-I 400 course should be taken during the final semester so that students have the most possible coursework and experiences to draw from in their work. Students will complete the INTL-I 315 Research Design prior to this to begin building their research skills.
Within INTL-I 400, students will select a faculty mentor who can assist them with developing the content of the paper. As students go throughout their INTL courses, they should try to build relationships with faculty with common interests as grounds for the capstone project. At the end of the semester, students will present their work, either in class or as part of the Capstone Symposium.

Preparing for INTL-I 400:

  • Build relationships with faculty who share your interests
  • Keep track of readings or resources that interest you in other classes
  • Think about how your interests relate and try to select relevant courses when possible
  • Take a look at a Sample Capstone Seminar syllabus  
  • See a selection of past I400 theses titles; sample theses are available in the International Studies advisor's office.

Publishing your thesis

Students are encouraged to submit their research paper for publication to the following journals: