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International Studies students

Requirements for Major

» Requirements for students who matriculated prior to summer 2013

The department offers two degrees, a B.A. and a B.S., as well as a minor. Additionally, it sponsors the Certificate in Islamic Studies. The curriculum is organized along six thematic concentrations and mandates an international experience, foreign language study, a methods course, a capstone project, an outside minor, and a career development course. Students should consult the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin for complete degree requirements.

Common requirements for B.A. and B.S. (minimum of 41 credit hours):

  • Two INTL 200-level core courses (one must be within the chosen thematic concentration)
  • Four INTL 300/400-level courses (12 credits, excluding  I400, I405, I406 and I498) selected as follows:
    • Two INTL 300-level courses within the chosen thematic concentration
    • Two additional INTL 300/400-level courses of the student’s choosing
  • Three 300/400-level regional concentration courses (9 credits) to be taken outside of department
  • Six semesters of foreign language
  • INTL-I315 Research Design
  • International Experience (minimum six weeks)
  • INTL-I400 Capstone Seminar
  • ASCS-Q 296 College to Career II, or ASCS-Q 299 College to Career III
  • An approved outside minor

Additional B.S. Requirements