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International Studies students

Requirements for Major

» Requirements for students who matriculated prior to summer 2013

The department offers two degrees, a B.A. and a B.S., as well as a minor. Additionally, it sponsors the Certificate in Islamic Studies and the Global Service Certificate. Selection of a thematic concentration and a regional concentration allows students to construct the major around their academic and professional interests.

Students should always refer to the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin for the most comprehensive description of degree requirements, but below is a brief overview of the requirements of the major.

Common requirements for B.A. and B.S. (minimum of 41 credit hours):

  • Two core courses chosen from INTL-I 202-210; These introduce the thematic concentrations and students must take the intro course for the concentration they plan to choose.
  • Four INTL 300/400-level courses:
    • Two INTL 300-level Advanced Topics courses corresponding to the chosen thematic concentration. Student will take two of the same course number with different topics.
    • Two additional INTL 300/400-level courses of the student’s choosing
  • Three 300/400-level regional concentration courses (9 credits) to be taken outside of department
  • Six semesters of foreign language
  • INTL-I315 Research Design
  • International Experience (minimum six weeks)
  • INTL-I400 Capstone Seminar
  • ASCS-Q 296 - College to Career II: Navigate Your Arts and Sciences Experience, or
    ASCS-Q 299 - College to Career III: Market Yourself for the Job and Internship Search
  • An outside minor related to thematic or regional interests

Additional B.S. Requirements

  • ECON-E201 Microeconomics
  • ECON-E203 Introduction to International Economics (or approved equivalent)
  • An approved quantitative reasoning course
  • Outside minor in a relevant social or natural science field emphasizing quantitative reasoning and preferably related to the thematic concentration