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Requirements for students who matriculated prior to summer 2013

International Studies minors who matriculated prior to summer 2013 should consult the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin for degree completion requirements and refer to the Pre-2009 and 2009-2012 Academic Planning Sheets.

Thematic Concentrations

  • Culture and the Arts (Core Course: INTL I201)
  • Global Health and Environment (Core Course: INTL I202)
  • Global Integration and Development (Core Course: INTL I203)
  • Human Rights and Social Movements (Core Course: INTL I204)
  • International Communication (Core Course: INTL I205)
  • Nations, States and Boundaries (Core Course: INTL I206)

Minor in International Studies (15 credit hours)

  • INTL-I100
  • Two INTL 200-level core courses (one must be within the chosen thematic concentration)
  • Two 300/400-level thematic courses (excluding I400, I405, I406 and I498) chosen from the Approved Electives list and within the chosen concentration