2012/2013 InULA Officers

President (2012-2013)

Kate Moore

IUS Library 214, IUS
(812) 941-2189
Email: kabmoore@ius.edu

It shall be the duty of the President, with the advice and consent of the remainder of the Executive Board, to lead the Association in fulfilling the purposes stated in Article II, to conduct all general meetings, to conduct the affairs of the Association, and to make an annual report on the year's activities. He or she shall serve as chairperson of the Executive Board. The President shall be a nonvoting member of all Association committees. (InULA Constitution 5:1)

Vice-President/President Elect (2012-2013) (2013-2014 President)

Lori Dekydtspotter

Lilly Library, IUB
(812) 855-2483
Email: lodekydt@indiana.edu

It shall be the duty of the Vice President/President-Elect to act as President in the temporary absence of the President and to succeed to the Presidency in case of the permanent absence of the President. The Vice President/President-Elect shall be responsible for coordinating the internal communications of the Association and any publicity involving the Association. (InULA Constitution 5:2)

Immediate Past President (2012-2013)

Vacant for 2012-2013

Secretary (2012-2014)

Michael Courtney

Wells Library E159, IUB
(812) 856-6867
Email: micourtn@indiana.edu

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a record of the transactions of all Executive Board and general membership meetings, to maintain an archive of all official reports, publications and policy statements of the Executive Board and its committees, and to take care of all necessary correspondence and notices relating to the activities of the Executive Board. (InULA Constitution 5:3)

Treasurer (2012-2013)

Jennifer Laherty

Wells Library, E159, IUB
(812) 856-5609
Email: jlaherty@indiana.edu

It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to collect dues, to notify all Association members of dues changes, to have charge of all monies belonging to the Association, and to disburse same upon order of the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall submit quarterly reports to the Executive Board, an interim report at the annual business meeting, a final report to the Executive Board on or before July 7 covering the previous fiscal year, and other reports as requested by the Executive Board. (InULA Constitution 5:4)

Representatives-at-Large (2012-2013)

Chanitra Bishop (2012-2014)

Library: IUB

Latrice Booker (2012-2014)

Library: IUN

Christina Wray (2011-2013)

Library: IUB

It shall be the responsibility of the three Representatives-at-Large to administer member recruitment and retention. Duties shall include conducting the annual membership drive beginning August 1, contacting new librarians during the year to inform them about the Association and invite their membership, and assessing the needs and interests of members in order to advise the Executive Board in its planning. (InULA Constitution 5:5)