InULA Notes

InULA Notes

Vol. 21, no. 2
Spring 2009


Letter from the President

Dina Kellams, InULA President

Ode to the InULA Program & Social Committee, 2008-2009

Julie Hardesty, Herman B Wells Library, IU Bloomington

Research Incentive Fund Grant Supports Professional Discourse (or How INULA Helped Me Practice What I Teach)

Judith Garrison, Helmke Library, Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne

Research Incentive Grant Reports

Chris Long, Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis

Taemin Park, Herman B Wells Library, IU Bloomington

Zotero Workshop

InULA's February program presented by Chanitra Bishop

Meet the New(ish) Librarians

Brief profiles of new colleagues

Random Thoughts on "Crowd-Sourced Knowledge: Wikipedia, Mass Collaboration and the Scholarly Record"

Sherri Michaels, IU ScholarWorks, IU Bloomington

Virginia Sojdehei, Information Commons Undergraduate Library Services, IU Bloomington

InULA Book Sale Report

Akram Khabibullaev, Herman B Wells Library, IU Bloomington

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