InULA Notes

InULA Notes

Vol. 24, no. 1
Spring 2012


Letter from the President / Jennifer Laherty, InULA President


  • Perspective on Tenure for I.U. Librarians Part II: How Do We Define and Support Tenure at I.U.? Perspectives Shared by Retired Librarians / Andrea M. Morrison
  • Burgeoning Open Access Movement / Cheryl Truesdell
  • Academic Outreach for Optimum Impact / Frances Yates
  • Background on Changing the InULA Notes Copyright / Kate Moore
  • News

  • Research Incentive Fund Report / Florence Mugambi
  • Research Incentive Fund Report / Taemin Park
  • Julieann V. Nilson Scholarship Award Winner's Essay

  • This issue of InULA Notes was compiled and edited by members of the InULA Communications Committee 2011/2012:
    Jennifer Liss
    Mandi Moning
    Kate Moore
    Andrea M. Morrison

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