InULA Research Incentive Fund Application Form

  1. Applicant:






  2. Title of Research Project:

  3. Abstract (limit to space below)

  4. Budget (Provide a budget and specify which portions should be considered for funding from the InULA Research Incentive Fund).

  5. Description of Project (You may include: character and scope, method and plan of work, presumed contribution to knowledge, timetable, related publications by the applicant.)

  6. Have you applied elsewhere (internally or externally) for support of this or a closely related project? If so, please furnish details.

  7. References (Please list names, titles, addresses, and telephone numbers of those who will be supplying supporting letters.)

  8. List other sources and amounts of support for research you have received in the past five years.

  9. Signature:

A complete application will consist of this form, a current curriculum vita, and supporting documentation. It MUST be sent electronically to:

Kate Moore, InULA President
IUS Library 214
Indiana University Southeast
(812) 941-2189

Recipients of the Research Incentive Grant are required to submit a one-page summary describing the use of these funds.

Application Deadlines are:

Or the next working day if these dates fall on a weekend or holiday.

Please consult the InULA Research Incentive Fund Guidelines for more information.