InULA Board for 2014-2015

The elected InULA Board for 2014-2015: President:  Latrice Booker (IUN), 2013-2016 Vice President/President Elect: Christina Wray (IUB), 2014-2017 Secretary: Christina Sheley (IUB), 2014-2016 Treasurer: Jennifer Laherty (IUB), 2013-2015 Past President: Lori Dekydtspotter (IUB), 2012-2015 Representatives-at-Large: Carey Beam (IUB), 2014-2016; Naz Pantaloni (IUB), 2014-2016; Angie … Continue reading


InULA was founded in the 1960’s to enable librarians to work together to obtain faculty status. It continues now with two purposes: to promote excellence in library service and to provide opportunities for continuing education and professional development. InULA sponsors … Continue reading