InULA Board for 2013-2014

I’m pleased to announce the new Board for 2013-2014:

President:  Lori Dekydtspotter, IUB: 2013-2015
Vice President/President Elect: Latrice Booker, IUN: 2013-2016
Secretary: Michael Courtney, IUB: 2012-2014
Treasurer: Jennifer Laherty, IUB: 2013-2015
Past President: Kate Moore, IUS: 2013-2014
Representatives-at-Large: Chanitra Bishop, IUB (2012-2014), Christina Sheley, IUB (2013-2015), Angie Thorpe (2013-2014)

Congratulations to our new members elected this year:  Latrice Booker, Jennifer Laherty, Christina Sheley, and Angie Thorpe!