Participant Talks

Debate Away

Do you like to debate? Are you interested in strengthening your public speaking and debate skills? We have two topics we would love to hear from you on:
  1. Does social media do more harm than good?
  2. Can artificial intelligence replace human beings at their workplace?
If you are interested in participating in the debates, please fill out this form.

Ignite Talks

Are you interested in improving your public speaking skills? Do you have a computing topic you'd like to talk about for 5 minutes? We have an opportunity for you! Feel free to pick a topic from the list of examples below, or submit your own, using this form.

  • Are people biased against new social media?
  • Future Technologies Could End The World
  • Is Apple still making life-changing products?
  • Are the egos of technology giants like Elon Musk getting in the way of technological advacement?
  • The Fidget Cube is better than the Fidget Spinner.
  • The next grand innovation in technology is...
  • Is net neutrality a good idea?
You will only have 5 minutes to present and you'll be allowed a maximum of 20 slides. More details and instructions can be found in this document.

All of you have stories, it's time to tell them.