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IPAS Conferences & Workshops

IPAS Conference

Spring 2007

Building on Experience: The Attitudes and Actions for Institutional Improvement

Project Overview

Colleges and universities, both public and private, across Indiana have been partnering with IPAS staff during this project. Campuses have formed teams of four staff or faculty members, with representatives from core campus areas including academic affairs, student life, planning and budgeting, and institutional research. IPAS analysts have used data provided by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education as well as SAT survey data provided by the College Board for Hoosier students.


IPAS Conferences & Workshops

A series of IPAS conferences and workshops have been held during the course of the three-year project period, bringing together teams from participating campuses for topical discussions with researchers. As IPAS begins its final project phase, a conference is being planned for fall 2006 for teams of engaged campuses and scholars to consider ways of continuing the work begun with IPAS--by reflecting on best practices and developing concrete methods for continued inquiry.


February 2004



May 2004

1st Annual IPAS Statewide Meeting

The Strategic Planning and Inquiry Process


April 2005

Classroom Evaluation/Assessment and the Role of Faculty in the Inquiry Process

IPAS meeting with campus teams and Michael Paulsen of the University of Iowa


May 2005

Transfer Students

IPAS meeting with campus teams and Barbara Townsend of the University of Missouri


June 2005

2nd Annual IPAS Statewide Meeting

The Strategic Planning and Inquiry Process


March 2006

Meeting with IPAS Scholars to discuss their reflections on IPAS so far and how to move forward


September 2006

"An Economic Perspective on Student Work During College" by Dr. Robert Toutkoushian

Meeting between the Northwest Collaborative on Working Students and IPAS