Y376 – International Political Economy

Spring 2012, Class No. 26715

Class meets MW 4-5:15pm, Woodburn Hall 120


Professor Jeffrey Hart

Department of Political Science

346 Woodburn Hall


Office Hours: W 1-3 and by appointment


Associate Instructor (AI): Michael Lee

Woodburn 305


Office Hours: Th 1-2 and by appointment


The following required textbooks have been ordered for purchase and will be available at the Indiana Memorial Union bookstore:


Joan Edelman Spero and Jeffrey A. Hart, The Politics of International Economic Relations, 7th edition

Tom Friedman, Hot, Flat, and Crowded.


This is an introduction to theories about the relationship between the international political and economic systems. Lectures and readings will deal with the concepts used in research on international political economy (IPE).  We will pay special attention to international monetary, trade, and investment relations. The course website is: There will be additional course information on OnCourse.


Course Requirements:



  • Term Paper:  There will be a separate handout on this assignment available in class. In this project as in all other assignments or projects in class you should strive for excellence. The project will be 25 percent of your final grade. 


  • Midterm Exam:  This will be administered about halfway through the course. This exam will by 25 percent of your final grade.


  • Final Exam: This will be administered at the end of the course. It covers the entire course. The final exam will be 40 percent of your final grade.


  • Classroom Participation:  This will be 10 percent of your final grade.



Course Outline and Calendar:





Jan. 9-11


Spero and Hart, Ch. 1

Jan. 16-18

International Monetary System

Spero and Hart, Ch. 2

Jan. 23-25

International Trading System

Spero and Hart, Ch. 3

Jan. 30 – Feb. 1

The Multinational Corporation

Spero and Hart, Ch. 4

Feb. 6-8

Theories of Economic Development

Spero and Hart, Chs. 5-6

Feb. 13-15

Foreign Aid, International Loans, and the Debt Crisis

Spero and Hart, Ch. 7

Feb. 20-22

OPEC and Oil Politics

Spero and Hart, Ch. 9

Feb. 27

Midterm Review

Woodburn 120

Feb. 29

Midterm Exam

Woodburn 120

Mar. 5-7

Globalization and the End of the Cold War

Spero and Hart, Chs. 8 and 10

Mar. 19-21

Hot, Flat, and Crowded

Friedman, chs. 1-5

Mar. 26-28

Friedman, chs. 6-10

Apr. 2-4

Friedman, chs. 11-15

Apr. 9-11

Globalization and Global Governance

Spero and Hart, Ch. 11;

Friedman, chs. 16-17

Apr. 16-23

Summing Up

No readings

Apr. 25

Review for Final Exam

Final project is due

Woodburn 120

Friday, May 4


Final Exam

Woodburn 120