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Ongoing Research Projects

The research projects currently in progress at the ISC focus on the following fields:

  • Scientific Computing

    Development and implementation of large-scale and high performance scientific computing programs involving advanced numerical methods and directly applied to fluid mechanics and in particular geophysical flows (oceans, atmosphere)

  • Numerical Analysis

    Analysis of multilevel methods using finite volumes, finite elements, finite differences, and spectral methods for partial differential equations

  • Partial Differential Equations

    Ginzburg-Landau equations, Navier-Stokes equations for compressible and incompressible flows, Vlasov-Maxwell equations, nonlinear hyperbolic equations. Shallow water equations and Primitive equations of the atmosphere and oceans

  • Dynamical Systems

    Finite and infinite dimensional dynamical systems with applications to turbulences.

  • Calculus of Variations

    Convex and nonconvex optimization, nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations

  • Weather and Climate Problems

    Models of the atmosphere, the ocean, and the coupled atmosphere-oceans, theoretical results and numerical simulation.

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