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Information for Students

A significant part of the research effort of ISCA will be to clarify what is new and what has been inherited from the antisemitic lexicons of the past. ISCA will focus especially on the intellectual and ideological roots of what has been called the “new” antisemitism. It will also seek to elucidate the social, cultural, religious, and political forces that nurture such hostility. Three graduate students presently serve as research assistants in individual research projects.  Competitive grant support for student research will be available every academic year; grant competitions will be announced on this website and via email. 

Courses on antisemitism include:

  • History of the Holocaust (Prof. Mark Roseman, Department of History and the Borns Jewish Studies Program)
  • Antisemitism since the Enlightenment (Prof. Mark Roseman)
  • Understanding Antisemitism (Prof. Alvin Rosenfeld)
  • Literature of the Holocaust  (Prof. Alvin Rosenfeld)
  • ISCA Graduate Student Research Incentive Award, Deadline: November 5, 2012
  • SFPA and Institute for Jewish & Community Research Student Award, Deadline: April 1, 2011
  • Course: The Holocaust: Philosophical and Theological Responses-Spring 2013, Professor Elhanan Yakira
  • With the support of ISCA, Rachel Cole is pursuing an M.A. at IU in West European Studies, with a focus on the study of contemporary antisemitism