What campuses does ISCC support?

ISCC now supports all 8 IU campuses from our Bloomington location. While in-person meetings are preferred where possible, support can also be provided via e-mail and phone.

Is ISCC a part of the Stat/Math Center?

The group previously known as "Stat/Math" is a separate unit supporting statistical computing through UITS. This group is now called Research Analytics. Research Analytics provides software, technical support, and answers questions about how to perform specfic functions in statistical software. They are also currently housed in Woodburn 200 (SSRC), on the left side of the hall as you enter. ISCC consultants will discuss broader "big picture" questions about your project and help identify what analyses will be best for your research questions. We will also show you how to perform analyses in your preferred software but may refer you to Research Analytics where appropriate.

Research Analytics (Stat/Math Computing): www.indiana.edu/~statmath; statmath@indiana.edu; (812) 855-4724

When in doubt of whom to call, contact either group, and we'll get you the right support.

Does ISCC provide tutoring services?

No. ISCC helps with specific research projects (publications, grant proposals, dissertations, etc.). ISCC does not help with homework or meet with students regularly to teach statistical methods.

Should statistical support provided by ISCC be acknowledged?

We would appreciate it! Most of ISCC's funding comes from IU's College of Arts & Sciences, for the purpose of strengthening IU's research infrastructure. Acknowledgments allow ISCC to document that its services are valued, increasing the chances of renewed funding. Acknowledgment need not be extensive. A typical acknowledgment might read as follows: "The authors are grateful for statistical support provided by the Indiana Statistical Consulting Center."

When should an ISCC consultant be a co-author?

In most cases, ISCC consultants provide routine statistical advice which would not warrant co-authorship. If a consultant is engaged in a larger collaboration, the contribution of each person should be evaluated as a manuscript is prepared. Consideration for authorship should be based on the accepted criteria of the journal, which often cite statistical analysis as intellectual input sufficient for authorship. Every situation is different, however, and researchers should feel comfortable exploring the support provided at ISCC without assuming any obligations.

Does paying ISCC from a research grant nullify a case for co-authorship?

No, payment and co-authorship are separate and unrelated concerns. ISCC provides free statistical support to IU's research community to the extent that its budget allows. More extensive support requires compensation from other sources. The case for or against co-authorship for an ISCC consultant does not depend on the source of compensation. Just as an IU faculty member who draws summer support from a research grant authors papers related to that grant, so may an ISCC consultant.