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International Studies In Schools, also known as ISIS, is an innovative and award-winning distance learning program which uses interactive video technology to connect K-12 schools and community groups across the United States with Indiana University international students, scholars, and specialists. Teachers from all over the United States can request specific programming to enhance their classroom experience.

All videoconferencing programs are free and are conducted by volunteers from Indiana University. The beauty of our model is that teachers can request a program on a topic specific to their needs. Programs are filled by our large body of international students, visiting scholars, academic specialists and IU’s World Area Centers staff, which allows students to meet someone new and from a different background.

Click here to watch a short video about ISIS!Click here to watch an informative video about ISIS! (Length: 4 minutes)

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“This is such a tremendous opportunity to expand the knowledge of my students. They are generally so receptive to these programs and the technology works great. It is a very pleasant and valuable learning tool. When most good things cost so much money these days, and public education seems to be increasingly getting the short shrift in funding, we appreciate so much your free programs! We look forward to participating in more programs next school year.” – Northwestern Local Schools, Ohio