Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies

Islamic Studies Program


The Islamic Studies Program advances critical research about Islam and the Muslim world and facilitates access to knowledge in the field for students, scholars, professionals and the general public. The Program designs and supports curricular and collaborative initiatives and assists faculty and students in developing research projects that focus on the rich diversity of Muslim history, politics, culture, thought and practice. Relying on extensive faculty expertise and on Indiana University’s unrivaled reputation for profound linguistic and cultural training, the Program offers numerous opportunities for the study, exploration and the better understanding of Islam and Muslim peoples around the world.

The Program:
  • Advances scholarly research in all fields related to Islamic Studies, while also identifying specific themes for more focused studies;
  • Develops a broad range of research initiatives, academic curricula, and cultural programming on the IUB campus that enable meaningful exchanges among IU scholars and students and leading and innovative scholars from around the world and serve to inform both local and foreign constituencies and enhance their research agendas;
  • Facilitates access to knowledge of Islam and the Muslim world for students, scholars, and the general public;
  • Supports and develops research opportunities and curricular development for undergraduate students;
  • Acts as the main nucleus for the scholarly study of Islam at Indiana University and as the main point of contact for national and international institutional collaboration with like-minded Islamic Studies units.

Islamic Studies Program
Global and International Studies Building 2022
355 North Jordan Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47405-1105
Phone: 812-856-3977