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Master Course List

The following undergraduate courses are offered on the IU Bloomington campus on a regular basis. Please check the current academic year's course list to see what is on offer.

Thematic Courses

COLL-C 103: Jesus, Alexander and Other Heroes of Islam
COLL-C 104: Oil, Islam and Geopolitics
REL-R 152: Jews, Christians, Muslims
HIST-W 200 / JSTU-J 204: Muslim-Jewish Relations in the 20th Century
HIST-C 205: Introduction to Islamic Civilization
NELC-N 220: Muhammad: Life of the Prophet
NELC-N 265: Introduction to Islamic Civilization
REL-A 270: Introduction to Islam
REL-A 275: Sex and Gender in Islam
ARTH-A 281: Introduction to Islamic Art & Visual Culture
NELC-N 307: Issues in Islamic Studies*
ARTH-A 327: Survey of Islamic Art
CEUS-R 359 / INTL-I 426: Shi’ism: Debates & Discourses
NELC-N 361: Islamic Feminisms
NELC-N 365 / PHIL-P 401: Islamic Philosophy
NELC-N 370: Koranic Studies
REL-A 380: Knowing the Will of God in Islam I: Law
NELC-N 391: War and Peace in the Islamic Tradition
NELC-N 392: Islam and Modernity
NELC-N 393: Islamic Foundational Texts
ARTH-A 426: The Medieval City
ARTH-A 459: The Painted Image in the Islamic World
REL-A 470: Topics in Islamic Studies*
REL-A 480: Knowing the Will of God in Islam II: Theology
REL-A 485: Life and Legacy of Muhammad
ARTH-A 489: Topics in Islamic Art*

Sub-Saharan Africa

AFRI-L 100: Topics in African Society and Culture*
AFRI-L 202: Occultism in Africa
AFRI-L 231 / HIST-H 227: African Civilization
AFRI-L 232: Contemporary Africa*
ARTH-A 260: Topics in African Art History*
ANTH-E 300: Islam in and out of Africa
HIST-E 300: Issues in African History*
HIST-J 300: Seminar in History*
HIST-E 338: History of Muslim West Africa
POLS-Y 342: Topics on Regional Politics of Africa*
ARTH-A 355: Art, Craft, and Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa
ARTH-A 453: Art of Sub-Saharan Africa I: Arts of Africa’s Western Sudan
ARTH-A 454: Art of Sub-Saharan Africa II: Arts of the West African Coast

Middle East & North Africa

NELC-N 122: US Foreign Policy & Muslim World
NELC-N 204: Topics in Middle Eastern Culture & Society*
NELC-N 205: Topics in Middle Eastern Literature*
HIST-C 210: The Making of the Modern Middle East
FOLK-F 215: Health and Morbidity in Traditional cultures
NELC-N 233: The Golden Age of Islamic Civilization
CMLT-C 291: Studies in Non-Western Film*
CEUS-R 292: Introduction to Turkic and Iranian Civilization
CEUS-R 299: Language and Society in Turkey
CEUS-R 299: Society & Politics in Contemporary Iran
HIST-C 305 / NELC N-305: Issues in Near Eastern History*
JSTU-J 304 / NELC-N 304: What is Middle Eastern?
HIST-C 305 / NELC N-304: Women and Gender in the Middle East
FOLK-F 307: Middle Eastern Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music
FOLK-F 308: Middle Eastern and Arab Mythology
NELC-N 339 / POLS-Y 339: Middle Eastern Politics
NELC-N 350: Modern Iran
CEUS-R 351: Prophets, Poets, Kings: Iranian Civilization
CEUS-R 352 / NELC-N 397 / ANTH-E 397: Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East
CEUS-R 354: Persian Literature in Translation
CMLT-C 370: Comparative Studies in Western and Middle Eastern Literature
CEUS-R 372: Literature & Cinema in Modern Iran
FOLK-F 377: Popular Culture and Politics in the Middle East
CEUS-R 380: Literature of the Ottoman Court in Translation
CEUS-R 382: Cultural History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey
NELC-N 385: Persian Mystical Literature in Translation
ANTH-E 386: Performance, Culture, and Power in the Middle East and North Africa
CEUS-R 386: Islam, Islamism, and Modernity in Turkey

Central & Inner Asia

COLL-C 103: Saints of the Silk Road
CEUS-R 110: Central Asia: Cultures and Customs
CEUS-R 199: Introductory Topics in Central Eurasian Studies*
CEUS-R 213: Islam in Central Asia
CEUS-R 251 / NELC-N 251 / ANTH-E 251: Post-Taliban Afghanistan & War on Terror
CEUS-R 281: Turkish Literature in Translation
CEUS-R 291: Inner Asian Religious Beliefs
CEUS-R 310: Introduction to Central Asian History
CEUS-R 311: Travelers & Explorers in Central Asia
CEUS-R 312: Shrine and Pilgrimage in Central Asian Islam
CEUS-R 313: Islam in the Soviet Union and Successor States
CEUS-R 314: Islamization of Inner Asia
CEUS-R 315: Politics & Society in Central Asia
CEUS-R 316 / ANTH-E 398: Peoples and Cultures of Central Asia
CEUS-R 329: Topics in Central Asian Studies
CEUS-R 330 / POLS-Y 401: Politics in Modern Xinjiang
CEUS-R 332: The History of Xinjiang to 1949
CEUS-R 333: Cultures and Civilization of Xinjiang
CEUS-R 395 / POLS-Y 401: Politics of Identity in China and Inner Asia
CEUS-R 411: Ethnic History of Central Asia
CEUS-R 412: Central Asia under Russian Rule
CEUS-R 413: Islamic Central Asia, 16-19 Century
CEUS-R 414: Yasavi Sufis and Central Asian Islam
CEUS-R 415: Naqshbandi Sufi Tradition in Central Asia
CEUS-R 416: Religion and Power in Islamic Central Asia

South & Southeast Asia

ANTH-A 200/CEUS-R 251: Post-Taliban War on Terror
NELC-N 205: Islam in Pakistan History
HIST-G 300: Islam and Empire in South Asia
HIST-J 300: Indian Ocean: Cradle of Globalization
REL-R 382: Mandir and Masjid at the Movies
REL-B 330 / INST-I 380: Women in South Asian Religious Traditions
REL-A 470: Islam in Southeast Asia
POLS-Y 490: War and Peace in South Asia

Russia & East-Central Europe

POLS-Y 200: Contemporary Political Topics*
NELC-N 204: Muslim Communities in the West
CEUS-R 313: Islam in the Soviet Union and Successor States
ANTH-E 400 / NELC-N305: Islam in the Balkans
POYS-Y 401: Topics in Political Science*
EURO-W 405: Special Topics in European Studies*

W. Europe & America

JSTU-J 260 / NELC-N 260: Literary Masterpieces of Muslim Spain
NELC-N 305 / POLS-Y 401/ EURO-W 405: Muslims in Western Politics*
REL-C 320: African American Religions
REL-C 335: New Religious Movements in the Americas
JSTU-J 360 / NELC-N 360: Muslim Spain and Portugal: History and Memory
REL-C 350: Islam in America
REL-C 420: ML King Jr and Malcolm X in American Religion
POLS-Y 490: MLK and Malcolm X: Civil Rights

* indicates a topics course that will require approval from the Program’s Director

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