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Islamic Studies Program


Undergraduate Research Scholarships in Islamic Studies at IU

  • Enhance your academic experience
  • Gain valuable research perspectives
  • Cultivate professional ties with individual faculty members
  • Build your CV
  • Add $500 to your bursar account

Each academic semester, the Islamic Studies Program offers undergraduate Islamic Studies Research Scholarships. Successful applicants will receive $500 deposited to their Bursar account and gain valuable research experience over the course of one semester as they work alongside an IU faculty member.

Description of the Scholarship: Students will be paired with IU faculty and assist them in their Islamic Studies–related research. This may include such responsibilities as data collection and data checking, serving as sounding boards for ideas, reading and summarizing materials, as well as research support (scanning and photocopying, maintaining and organizing files, etc.). Students are expected to commit to 50 assistantship hours during the semester they receive the scholarship.

Eligibility: These competitive scholarships are only open to undergraduates who have a demonstrated interest in Islamic Studies (e.g., have already taken at least 3 approved Islamic Studies courses and intend to take more). Please consult our Master List of Islamic Studies courses, or contact your academic advisor to determine your eligibility.

Application Process: To apply, please send a brief CV and a one-page personal statement that outlines your interests in Islamic Studies to the Islamic Studies Program (islmprog@indiana.edu).

Deadline: Please check back for the next call for applications.

These scholarships will be available every semester so if you are not currently taking Islamic Studies courses or pursuing the Certificate in Islamic Studies, consider doing so in the future. Contact the program or our academic advisor, William E. Smith III, PhD, to learn more.

AY2017-2018 Recipients
Madison O'Day (NELC/IMP); faculty mentor: Andrew Bell (INTL)
Farzana Memon (Neuroscience/REL); faculty mentor: Ron Sela (CEUS/INTL)

AY2016-2017 Recipients
Niloofar Asgari (Political Science/NELC); faculty mentor: Seema Golestaneh (CEUS)
Keaton Schluchter (NELC); faculty mentor: R. Kevin Jaques (REL)
Rachael Wehrle (Journalism/Turkish); faculty mentor: Ron Sela (CEUS/INTL)

AY2015-2016 Recipients
Isaiah Curtis (CEUS/NELC); faculty mentor: Paul Losensky (CEUS/Comparative Literature)
Miles Vining (CEUS); faculty mentor: Abdulkader Sinno (Political Science/NELC)

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