Madhusudan and Kiran C. Dhar India Studies Program

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  • Faculty Members


    Rajendra Abhyankar*, SPEA

    diplomacy in South Asia


    Majed Akhter*, Department of Geography

    water development and security, state theory, Marxist political economy


    Keera Allendorf*, Department of Sociology

    demography, family, health and gender in India and Nepal


    Ishan Ashutosh*, Department of Geography

    South Asian diaspora/migrations, nationalism, postcolonial theory, urban geography, political geography


    Christopher I. Beckwith, Department of Central Eurasian Studies

    East and Central Asian history and linguistics, Tokharian, Old Tibetan, Early Buddhism, Pyrrhonism, early Indic epigraphy


    Kelly H. Berkson*, Department of Linguistics,

    Indic linguistics, Marathi phonetics/phonology, phonation-type contrasts, language endangerment & revitalization


    Purnima Bose*, Department of English

    globalization, corporations in public life, and anti-globalization resistance


    Judith Brown, Department of English

    modernist literature, culture, and aesthetics


    Kevin D. Brown, Maurer School of Law

    race, law, and education


    Jamsheed Choksy*, Department of Central Eurasian Studies

    Iranian and Persian Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Indian Subcontinental Studies, Zoroastrianism, Islam, and Manichaeism


    Michael S. Dodson*, Department of History

    South Asian intellectual and cultural history, British imperial history, postcolonial theory, modernity and architecture


    Karen Farrell*,

    South Asia Librarian


    David Fidler, Maurer School of Law

    international law, law and counterinsurgency, global health, and biosecurity


    Sumit Ganguly*, Department of Political Science

    international relations and world politics, comparative politics, South Asian security, counterinsurgency and counterterrorism


    Nandini Gupta*, Kelley School of Business

    corporate and international finance, political economy, and stock market liberalization


    David Haberman*, Department of Religious Studies

    South Asian religion, Indian arts and aesthetics, ritual studies, and religion and ecology


    Dinah Holtzman, Department of Gender Studies

    Queer and critical race theory, Bollywood and South Asian diasporic cinema, Celebrity and Museum Studies


    Kevin Jaques, Department of Religious Studies

    Islamic studies, medieval Islamic legal history, religious authority, and comparative religion


    Sreenivas Kamma, Kelley School of Business



    Khalid Khan*, School of Public Health

    environmental health in South Asia, health intervention in rural and agricultural communities, effect of environmental contaminants on nervous system


    Jayanth Krishnan*, Maurer School of Law

    the legal profession, the behavior of lawyers, law-and-globalization, and legal education


    Paul Losensky*, Department of Central Eurasian Studies

    Persian literature and literary history, Sufism and literature, translation and translation studies


    Pedro Machado*, Department of History

    Indian Ocean history, world history, slavery and material culture, and merchant networks


    Rebecca Manring*, Department of Religious Studies

    Sanskrit grammar, middle Bengali literature, hagiography, South Asian cinema


    Terrence Mason, School of Education

    education for democratic citizenship, global and international education, and teacher education programs and methods


    Richard Nance*, Department of Religious Studies

    Indian and Tibetan Buddhism, commentarial rhetoric and practice, Buddhist philosophy in comparative perspective


    Radhika Parameswaran*, School of Journalism

    feminist cultural studies, gender and media globalization, South Asia, and postcolonial studies


    Ranu Samantrai, Department of English

    modern England, postcolonial diasporas, the arts of Black/Asian Britain


    Susan Seizer*, Department of Communication and Culture

    humor cross-culturally, management of social stigma, and performance in South Asia (live and mediated).


    Ron Sela*, Department of Central Eurasian Studies

    history and historiography of Islamic Central Asia , political and cultural self-representation in Central Asian sources


    Pravina Shukla*, Department of Folklore

    folk art and material culture, body art, dress and costume, museum studies, food art and culture, India, Brazil, and the United States


    Kashika Singh*, Lecturer in Hindi/Urdu


    Jessica Steinberg, Department of International Studies

    politics of natural resources, non-state goods provision, strategies of governance in regions of limited state presence, conflict events reporting


    Samrat Upadhyay*, Department of English

    South Asia and fiction writing


    Munirpallam Venkataramanan, Kelley School of Business

    technology management, decision support systems, supply chain management, computer simulation, enterprise resource planning


    Arvind Verma*, Department of Criminal Justice

    policing, criminal justice issues of India, computational criminology


    John Walbridge*, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

    Islamic philosophy, Islamic intellectual history, emphasis on the cultural role of philosophy and science, Baha'i studies, Islamic studies and history


    Andrea Wiley*, Department of Anthropology

    human diet and nutrition, human adaptability, human health and disease, maternal and infant health, demography, fertility and mortality


    * indicates a member of the Dhar India Studies faculty with 'core faculty' voting rights within the program's governance structure.


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