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Jamaica: In the Spring of 2005 and 2006, small groups of IU students traveled to Jamaica to interact with Jamaicans conservationists and farmers, to learn about how ecology and culture interact for them, and to provide support to exciting and innovative projects they are undertaking.

Jamaican mountains in the mist - up at the top of the National Forest with a view over the capital city of Kingston.

IU students studying the relationship of ecology and culture in modern Jamaica. Here, we are walking along a mountain road lined with vibrant early spring flowers on our way to visit a small coffee plantation.

Americans and Jamaicans traded games at night after supper.

The Jamaican tradition of the "set-up" is a joyful way to prepare for the funeral of a loved one by celebrating their life and the enduring connections of the community they were part of. We were lucky to be invited to this block party in honor of the father of one of Jamaica's finest dub poets - where we quickly made friends.

**This gallary only show photos from the Jamaica trip. Contact us for other trip photos.

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