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ATAC at Indiana University, Bloomington

Hours: Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm
Location: Herman B Wells (Main) Library Room 101
Telephone: 812-856-4112
Email the ATAC at IU Bloomington


This Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center is located on the Indiana University campus in Bloomington, Indiana. The center is on the undergraduate side of the Main Library on the corner of 10th Street and Jordan Avenue.
  • Wheelchair Access

    1. From the North Entrance. Use the electronic door at the north entrance to Main Library lobby. The elevator key to access all other floors is available at Undergraduate Library Reference Desk. The Undergraduate Library will be on your right at the entrance to the Information Commons. Once passing through the alarm gates of the Undergraduate Library, the ATAC is immediately to the right. Enter through the electronic handicapped access doors.

    2. From the South Entrance. Use the ramp and automatic door at the cafeteria entrance (north of the parking lot). This entrance is available only when the cafeteria is open. To get to the elevator from the cafeteria entrance (south entrance), bear left once inside the library, follow the hallway until you have to turn right, then continue until you have to turn left. In this hallway with lockers, the elevator is on the right toward the end of the hall. If you have not been issued an elevator key, use the phone on the wall by the elevator doors, to call the Undergraduate Library desk for assistance. (An elevator key is available for short-term use at the Undergraduate Library Reference Desk). Once on the first floor, to get to the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center, turn left as you exit the elevator, then go around the first corner to the left. You will see the doors to the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center which will be on your left.
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  • Parking

    Accessible parking is available on the South side of the Main Library. Note: if you try to access an accessible parking place and none are available, please call Parking Operations at (812) 855-9848.

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  • Restrooms

    There is an accessible restroom in the Information Commons which is to the right as you exit the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center.

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  • Drinking Fountains

    These can found in the Main Lobby and in the Information Commons.

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  • Telephones

    First floor -- Main Library lobby telephone area has wheelchair access.

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    First Floor -- Undergraduate Library.

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