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News Headlines

Here are headlines and brief excerpts from a few of the latest news stories about accessibility, assistive technology, and enabled people doing amazing things. Each headline is a link that will direct you to the website of the source article. If you have a news story you think we should share, please Contact Us.

Screen Reader User Survey #3 Results

WebAIM -- February 28, 2011 -- The results from the third WebAIM screen reader user survey have been published at These survey results show interesting trends from the previous January 2009 survey and the October 2009 survey, as well as much new, useful information.

How the iPad Changed This Disabled 7 Year Old Boy's Life (Video)

Gizmodo -- November 1, 2010 -- The iPad, and other tablets like it, may actually be a magic and revolutionary device after all. Because at least in this instance, it's given a disabled 7-year old boy the ability to communicate with the world.

Dragon Dictate 2.0 For Mac Is a Better Listener Than Ever

Gizmodo -- September 20th, 2010 -- Dragon Dictate 2.0 has roared onto OSX, harnessing a new and improved Dragon 11 engine and sporting a revamped UI. What that means for you is that it'll be easier (and more accurate) than ever to not only dictate text into your computer, but also edit documents, switch between programs, search Google, and plenty more. $200 for new users; $50 for an upgrade

How the iPhone Helped a Blind Person See Color

Gizmodo -- September 20th, 2010 -- "I have seen a lot of technology for the blind, and I can safely say that the iPhone represents the most revolutionary thing to happen to the blind for at least the last ten years." That's what Austin Seraphin wrote last June...

Stevie Wonder Continues to Be Awesome In the Name of Copyright Sanity

Gizmodo -- September 20th, 2010 -- Normally, we couldn't think of anything more thrilling than a song dedicated to you by Stevie Wonder. Unless you're the World Intellectual Property Organization, and your policies are making it harder for the disabled to access and appreciate information.

Genius Ring Mouse slips around your finger, cues up Beyonce jams

Engadget -- September 8th, 2010 -- Genius quietly introduced the Ring Mouse back at Computex, but little was said about the curious critter up until last week.

Swiss researchers show off brain-controlled, AI-augmented wheelchair

Engadget -- September 7th, 2010 -- They're far from the first to try their hand at a brain-controlled wheelchair, but some researchers at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (or EPFL) in Switzerland seem to have pulled off a few new tricks with their latest project.

iPhone 4 plus Brailliant-32 display enables even blind men to experience the magic (video)

Engadget -- July 13th, 2010 -- The evolution of phones away from physical buttons toward touchscreens is great if you're into clean, aesthetic design. But, if you're suffering from limited vision, there are some obvious issues. Thankfully the iPhone 4 at least has support for Braille displays like those Brailliant, as kindly demonstrated by acoustic guitar virtuoso and software guru Victor Tasaran.

Bag of Rice and Duct Tape Modify Xbox 360 Controller For Disabled Use

Gizmodo -- June 8th, 2010 -- As you know, duct tape can be used for pretty much anything, and rice fills a large hole when needed. Coupled with some Xbox 360 controller parts though, they can make a disabled chap get his game on.

Smartphones Turn Into Assistants For The Blind

Gizmodo -- March 31st, 2010 -- We've seen software and applications designed to assist visually impaired individuals in the past, but nothing's been quite what we're shown in this video. The LookTel software actually allows phones to recognize and audibly identify objects almost instantly.

Playing “Pong” with the blink of an eye

Imperial College, London -- March 26th, 2010 -- University students have developed a computer game that is operated by eye movements, which could allow people with severe physical disabilities to become 'gamers' for the first time, they announce today.

A Blind Soldier's Sight Restored Through His Tongue

Gizmodo - March 18th, 2010 -- Lance Corporal Craig Lundberg lost his sight to a rocket-propelled grenade in 2007. Now, thanks to a fascinating technology, he can read words and make out shapes using his tongue. It's truly incredible.

G-Tec Intendix brain-computer interface ready for consumers

Engadget -- March 10th, 2010 -- If you've seen G-Tec's thought control cap being used to control a Second Life avatar, play a game of Pong, or make music in an orchestral setting, you probably wondered when the thing would become available for less frivolous pursuits (to help the disabled communicate, for starters)

New voice for film critic Roger Ebert

BBC -- March 2nd, 2010 -- An Edinburgh technology firm has rebuilt the voice of a renowned American film critic, after four years of silence.

Justice Department settlement puts on-campus Kindle use on hold

Engadget -- January 13th, 2010 -- Amazon may have recently announced it was beefing up the Kindle's functionality for vision-impaired users, but it looks like that's too little too late for three universities using Kindles as an alternative to textbooks, who have now agreed to shelve the e-readers until such enhancements are in place as part of a settlement with the Justice Department.

Intel Reader hands-on

Engadget -- January 7th, 2010 -- Making our all so stealthy escape from the Intel booth today, we came across the Reader -- the big chipmaker's text scanning device which reads aloud and provides a high contrast, large-sized reading facility for people with visual or mental impairments.

Lightweight Wheelchair Designed For Man With One Limb

Gizmodo -- December 15th, 2009 -- I can't even imagine what it's like to lose one limb, let along three, but it's reassuring to know that at least there's a wheelchair out there that's suitable for those in a similar situation to Bryan Anderson.

New Jelfin spherical mouse

Engadget -- December 15th, 2009 -- What's that? You were just thinking your mouse wasn't round or mushy enough? Yeah, not exactly our thought process either, but that doesn't mean the Jelfin ball-shaped, gel-covered mouse hasn't captured our interest.

Petition asks for colorblind options in Modern Warfare 2 (Video Game)

Joystiq -- December 15th, 2009 -- With plenty of actual controversy surrounding Modern Warfare 2, the issues of colorblind gamers seem a relatively innocent (and common) oversight. An ongoing petition and Facebook group is requesting a patch for the game.

Touch Bionics offers ProDigits for those missing their amateur ones

Engadget -- December 8th, 2009 -- Touch Bionics has been at this bionic prosthetics business for a while now, already providing i-Limb solutions to those deprived of the use of their hands or arms. The company's latest innovation is to reduce all that tech down to the level of individual fingers, with its freshly announced ProDigits...