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Creating Accessible Courses and Course Content

Concerned if your online course and course materials are accessible? The UITS Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center (ATAC) provides training and guidance on making your course accessible. Whether you are using Oncourse, have a course web site, or simply are using materials in your class the ATAC is committed to be helping you keep Indiana University barrier-free and available to all.

Creating Accessible Oncourse Sites

Read the ATAC's Oncourse Accessibility Hints for Course Creation to learn best-practices for using Oncourse and keeping it as accessible as possible. For further information, schedule a consultation through our online service request form or call the ATAC at 856-4112 to make an appointment.

Reporting Oncourse Accessibility Issues

The ATAC Web Accessibility Team is works actively working with the IU Oncourse developers. If you have an Oncourse accessibility concern or issue to report, please contact the ATAC.

Creating Accessible Course Web Sites

Indiana University's web presence should be accessible and available to all, including users with disabilities. Therefore, when designing Indiana University web pages, web developers need to keep web accessibility constantly in mind. The Web Accessibility Subcommittee of the Indiana University Web Standards Committee in cooperation with the Office of Affirmative Action and the UITS Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center have developed an administrative practice document, guidelines, and tools to assist IU web developers with this goal. Visit The IU Web Accessibility Administrative Practice site for more details.

The ATAC offers free training and support for the development of a wide variety of accessible web content ranging from single pages to enterprise systems spanning multiple institutions. Support includes providing example code fixes for inaccessible web site interfaces or content. Additionally, we provide developers a deeper insight into the challenges of information access faced by people with disabilities.

Web accessibility is best implemented with careful planning and consideration at the beginning or early stages of a project. Meeting with the web accessibility specialists at the ATAC is the ideal way to begin integrating accessibility into web design and development processes. We can help:

  • Decide which accessibility guidelines and requirements should be implemented
  • Determine specific accessibility challenges in the content and Web site design
  • Develop accessibility policies and strategies for content authors
  • Create accessibility training plans for web teams
  • Identify accessibility resources that may be useful during development
  • Accessibility Evaluation of prototypes and designs

For a web accessibility consultation or evaluation, please complete this evaluation request form or call the ATAC at 856-4112 to make an appointment.

Creating Accessible Course Materials

The ATAC has experts available help in the creation of accessible course materials of all types. This includes not only PDF, Word, and PowerPoint documents, but even materials as complex and ranging as maps, musical scores, math and complex charts and diagrams can be made accessible to those who need them.

For further information, schedule a consultation through our online service request form or call the ATAC at 856-4112 to make an appointment.

The ATAC is developing how-to documents for creating accessible materials in the common document and multi-media formats. And, the development of a comprehensive, hands-on training course that teaches specific web accessibility techniques and the principles of universal design is in the works.

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