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Hardware Overview: Braille Label Maker

Picture of Braille Label Maker
The Scotch EA-350 Braille labeler makes embossed Braille labels on half-inch wide adhesive tape with a removable backing. With the backing removed, the label can be stuck to most non-porous surfaces.

The device consists of a rotating embossing wheel divided into an upper and lower rim. The upper rim contains Braille characters and the lower show the same characters in the standard print alphabet. The wheel contains the whole words with, and, in, of and for; the contractions er, st, -ing, ed, and en; and the punctuation marks for the dash, colon, and pound sign.

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3M of St. Paul, Minnesota, is a technology company in the following markets: consumer and office; display and graphics; electro and communications; health care; industrial and transportation; and safety, security and protection services.