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Hardware Overview: Juliet Pro 60 Braille Printer

Picture of Braille Printer
Braille embossers are a quick and efficient way to produce lengthy Braille documents. At the ATAC, we use the Juliet Pro 60, which weighs about 52 pounds, about two and a half feet wide, and 11.5 inches deep. It can emboss 55 characters per second doing double-sided Braille (about 40 characters per second doing single-sided Braille). It will emboss single-sheet or tractor-fed paper of variable paper weight and size.


Picture of Braille Embosser and Workstation inside the Braille Booth at the ATAC
The Juliet Pro 60 is also equipped with ET-Speaks, a speech synthesizer. It can be operated from the keypad on the machine itself or from the keyboard on your PC. The keypad keys on the Juliet emit telephone-style tones when sequences are pressed, which is helpful for someone who is blind. It is a fairly noisy piece of equipment, up to 68 DBA, but you can order sound enclosures to block out a lot of the noise. Our Braille embosser is housed in a special sound-reducing booth that reduces printer noise by 90 percent.


Assistive Materials:

The staff at the ATAC has developed an overview of Braille, that includes the history of Braille development and links to other resources for learning and teaching Braille.

If you have any questions about our Brailling services, please Contact Us. We are happy to assist you.

Company Information:

The Juliet Pro 60 Braille Printer is manufactured by Enabling Technologies.

The company's Juliet Pro 60 Page includes more technifical specifications for the Braille printer.