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Hardware Overview: Focus Portable Braille Display

Picture of Woman's Hands atop the Focus Braille Display
The Focus 44 allows blind users to navigate the entire Windows environment. Used with the JAWS for Windows screen reader, the forty-four refreshable Braille cells act as a tactile monitor that allow the user to navigate and read information rapidly.

Features include: unidirectional advance bars to rapidly pan forward and backward; Whiz Wheels to navigate complex documents or Web pages by line, sentence or paragraph; and Rapid Reading, which allows individuals to configure the display to 20 cells for faster reading. In addition, users can adjust the Braille dots to the intensity they prefer using the VariBraille feature.


Display and Navigation Features

Navigation controls on the display allow the user to navigate and read without reaching for keys on the keyboard. This efficient design improves productivity and reduces hand stress. All buttons are individually configurable, allowing the user to set up their preferred hot keys for specific applications with a Braille command keyboard.

The display can be set up in almost any workstation design with two USB ports to connect to the right or left side of the unit, and two audio inputs and one output for simultaneous connection to both the computer and a telephone. It also includes a serial connection for use in the Windows Professional environment. The slim aluminum design allows the unit to be positioned close to a keyboard.

Assistive Materials:

The staff at the ATAC has developed an overview of Braille, that includes the history of Braille development and links to other resources for learning and teaching Braille.

If you have any questions about our Brailling services, please Contact Us. We are happy to assist you.

Company Information

Freedom Scientific develops, manufactures, and markets technology-based products and services for people with vision impairments and learning disabilities. It was formed by combining three companies: Blazie Engineering, Henter-Joyce, and Arkenstone. Two of the company's nine-person board of directors are blind users of the company's products, and forty-five of the company's employees are vision impaired.