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Hardware Overview: Pac Mate

Picture of Woman using Pac Mate
The PAC Mate QX440 is a portable 40-cell refreshable Braille display. There are no seams between cells, giving the display the feel of reading Braille paper. A pair of three-way Whiz Wheels make for rapid navigation, and the dual purpose cursor routing buttons help users quickly and accurately obtain the information they need. Ten dual-purpose hot keys in the center provide shortcuts to applications. The Braille dots can be adjusted for intensity with the VariBraille feature.


Assistive Materials:

The staff at the ATAC has developed an overview of Braille, that includes the history of Braille development and links to other resources for learning and teaching Braille.

If you have any questions about our Brailling services, please Contact Us. We are happy to assist you.

Company Information

Freedom Scientific develops, manufactures, and markets technology-based products and services for people with vision impairments and learning disabilities. It was formed by combining three companies: Blazie Engineering, Henter-Joyce, and Arkenstone. Two of the company's nine-person board of directors are blind users of the company's products, and forty-five of the company's employees are vision impaired.